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The Kisa integrated plant – paper mill and transformation – produces reels of tissue paper. The paper mill has two paper-producing machines.
The plant was bought by Sofidel in June 2010.
Swedish Tissue AB manufactures and markets high quality tissue made from selected virgin pulp that assures both softness and excellent strength. We specialize in tissue for products with very high hygiene standards.
For us it is important that our product do the job you expect. To make the different qualities fit for your purposes we have divided them into four different product segments: Personal Care, Technical/Special Tissue, High Quality Table Top and Standard Products.

Personal Care
We make carrier tissue for a wide range of usages. They have in common that they will give you the best performance on your converting machines whether you are making baby daipers, incontinence products or other hygiene products.
Depending on your needs we can supply porous or non-porous qualities with weight from 15 to 45 grams per m2.
Tissue for lamination is another field where our tissue is highly appreciated. It laminates to different kind of materials like plastic film of PE/PP and gives an excellent skin contact feeling, for example in Operational kits. Laminates with both hot melt or water based glues.

Technical/Special Tissue
Very specialized technical requirements from our customers is what drives us in developing new products in this segment. Tissue for airlaid, where the airlaid is formed directly on our tissue web, will help reducing dust problems, reduce SAP waste, increase your productivity but also add properties like better fluid distribution to your product.
Other kinds of carrier tissue, special products like tissue for seed tapes, coffin liners and other innovative products are part of our technical/special tissue segment. In this segment we also supply coloured tissue.

High Quality Table Top
For the most advanced types of printed napkins our tissue is a benchmark in the business. Our customers print up to nine colours and their requirements for a superior surface and an even quality is what has driven us to develop these qualities.
Table covers is another product type for which our tissue is widely used within this segment.

Standard Products
We also produce a wide range of standard products like facial tissue, non-print napkin tissue, tissue for industrial wiping, toilet tissue and kitchen towel tissue.They have the high quality and craftsmanship in common with our other product segments and will allow you to create premium quality products.

Short facts
Swedish Tissue AB is a papermill in the south of Sweden. We produce a wide range of qualities of both dyed and un-dyed paper. We also have a converting line producing napkins. Swedish Tissue AB is a member of the well-know corporate group Sofidel with its base in Italy. 
Turnover 2002-2003 383MSEK
Turnover 2004-2005 408 MSEK
Turnover 2005-2006 446 MSEK
Turnover 2006-2007 472 MSEK
Turnover 2007-2008 470 MSEK
Turnover 2008-2009 580 MSEK
Number of employees: 140
Production capacity: 55.000 - 70.000 tons/year
Papersmachines: 2
Converting line: 1, 40*40 cm napkins
Rewinders: 4
Trim size: up to 330 cm
Number of layers: 1-4
Weight per unit area: 15-37 gr/m2
Treatment: Undyed and dyed tissue.
Diameter: 80-140 cm 


Swedish Tissue AB
Industrivägen 15A
Tel +46 0494 15000
VAT SE556630590901


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